Why I love the convinence of at home teeth whitening

*GIVEAWAY ALERT* Keep reading for more details

Have you drank a bit too much coffee, red wine or maybe even have the bad habit of smoking over the years and notice your teeth yellowing from staining? Have you been thinking about or wanting to brighten your smile but can’t afford the dentists whitening products? Maybe you’re even too busy to make it to the dentist for custom fitted trays.

Smile Brilliant has all the convenience to help you achieve beautiful white teeth to give you the best confidence in your smile. Custom fitted trays are the most efficient application for teeth whitening & Smile Brilliant allows you the comfort, convenience, and affordability to do so at home.

Heres how it works:

When you purchase a whitening/desensitizing gel kit, you will also receive dental impression trays to send molds of your bite to the lab, where they will customize the perfectly fitted trays to ensure the most efficient outcome of your whitening process.

You will receive a step by step guide on how to get the best results possible.

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You can choose kits based on whether you have a natural sensitivity or not and also the level of staining. For me, I had very mild staining. I don’t typically ever drink coffee, I barely drink red wine and I rarely experience sensitivity. Therefore I went with the T3 NON-SENSITIVE SYSTEM.

The teeth whitening gel consists of 22% Carbamide Peroxide concentration which can be applied in a string along the surface of your trays & applied for 45 min- 3 hours depending on your sensitivity.

The desensitizing gel consists of 5% Potassium Nitrate/ 0.15% Fluoride Ion which restores hydration to the teeth that are dehydrated from the whitening components. You would apply this 15-20 min after whitening. It is best to do this process at night before bed 🙂

Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I am able to give you all the opportunity to enter for your chance to win a $139 valued kit of your own!

As a Dental Hygiene student, a bright white smile is such a beautiful character to one’s physical appearance. I have always taken pride in keeping my teeth white, bright & beautiful. Smile Brilliant allowed me the opportunity to enhance my smile and give my sweet readers the chance to do the same!!! How exciting is that?

You have one week to enter starting on 9/13. Enter for your chance to win HERE, so that you too can #smilefearlessly. You can also purchase a kit right away and save $20 using the coupon code bobbisays20 at checkout!

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As always, thanks for reading




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