How to start every semester organized & prepared

Hey, guys, I’ve had a few people ask me to share my organization skills regarding school. Since I’ve learned how to properly organize as well as prepare, I am able to do extremely well as a student.

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First things first, you will need a planner. Life is busy. Nothing bad comes from knowing when a bill or your period is due, how much money you’ve made in tips that week, what time your next appointment is, so on and so forth. You will now have a book filled with everything you’ve accomplished and better yet, have yet to accomplish on a day to day- month to month basis.

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To start, buy your supplies before the semester starts. Buy pencils, nice pens, highlighters, colored pens. Buy a case for said things & be ready to color coordinate your life. It makes everything much less chaotic.

You’re going to want your schedule printed out. You’re going to be so aware of what classes you have, when & by which color. This will also help you with supplies. Listen to me when I say, everything will have a place & everything will be LABELED.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetIf you walk onto campus your first day knowing where you’re going, at what time & which binder/notebook color goes with that said class. You’ll be ready to jot down assignments & tests in a specific color already.

You’ll also be able to calculate how many hours in between classes you have to finish those assignments and even know many hours a week of non-class time you’ll have to study. Organization skills are the key to success for many.

I treat school like a full-time 9-5 unpaid job in order to maintain relationships, a paid job, as well as my overall health (sleep/exercise/eating).

The majority of my week is spent on campus studying even when I don’t have class, in order to have nights/weekends of being book-notebook-highlighter free.

Even the absolute toughest of a class can be achieved through organization, planning, hard work & lots of studying.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with the pain in the ass that is college(!)




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