Weekend trip to Long Island

SO, right before summer gets absolutely insanely busy & big changes take place in all of our lives, Robert & I got to visit our best friends for a weekend of doing what we all do best. That includes eating excessive amounts of food, binge watching tv series, working out, capturing all of the above with cameras and laughing until our stomachs hurt. It’s safe to say we all had a great weekend and enjoyed our time together, as it is limited.

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We arrived late Friday night, grabbed Anthony & visited Paige at work. The next day we started the morning off right by hitting up our favorite breakfast spot Massapequa Diner. We got red velvet pancakes with cheesecake icing and peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes for the three of us to split (Tony missed out the first day) & Big Bob and I split an Italian eggs benedict (spinach & prosciutto). We went back for more the following morning & got an even more ridiculous amount of food.

Paige, Robert & I went to the gym and then relaxed and binge watched the entire series of Big Little Lies. (fav) BLOW UP AIR MATRESS COZY SPACE for the winnnnnn.

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We met Anthony down in Long Beach for pictures & dinner. It was the absolute perfect golden hour and temperature at the beach.

Paige & Anthony’s good friends own a clothing company called Ded Fit. So we took some cool merch shots.

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I was so happy to have one perfect beach trip with my people before I work my bum off all summer until school starts. We then headed over to a random spot in LB called Yummy Yummy spur of the moment. Paige & Tony got all you can eat sushi, while Bob & I got gyoza/orange chicken/kung pao chicken. They served us orange slices at the end of our meal which I thought was incredible. ~cleanses pallet~

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After dinner, we went back to cozy town (aka our XXL blow up mattress) that took up the entire living room. We relaxed & laughed our asses off, Paige & I might think we’re funnier than we are because of our insanely similar sense of humor.

The next morning we went back to Massapequa Diner and then all went to the gym and filmed a back day workout. It’ll eventually be on Paige’s Youtube Channel.

This day we planned to be the ultimate fatty cheat day. I can’t even explain to you how I felt by the end of the night. Barf.

We started at Doughology. Can I just say I’ve never been a donut person? I had only ever really had Dunkin Donuts as a kid & had 0 interest. Well, it’s safe to say Doughology taught me that there is a donut out there for everyone. Lol.


We got flavors such as Samoa, French toast, churro, snickers, chocolate peanut butter cup, smores, raspberry crumble, strawberry cheesecake. It was AMAZING.

We left those donuts for after dinner & headed a few blocks over to Burgerology. There was a pretty lengthy wait but we were determined to eat big boy burgers. They were exactly that.

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We each got different burgers & each couple split them in half and shared. Robert & I split a mushroom swiss and cabernet gravy burger with regular fries and garlic aioli, as well as a mac n cheese bacon burger with sweet potato fries and marshmallow sauce. We figured we would be living, breathing human garbage by the end of the night & decided to stay another night at this point. Living life on the edge y’all.

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It’s safe to say we had a great weekend doing some of our favorite things with our favorite people. I was sad to say goodbye but so happy to see what the future holds for our amazing friends.

Thanks for reading xo


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