What skin care products work best for me

I won’t sit here, lie and tell you I have perfect skin, I don’t. I also don’t expect it to be blemish free at all times for the rest of my life. However, I have found a simple skin care routine that has been working extremely well for me. I mean, my skin looks and feels the best it has in years, so that’s saying something. If you’re interested in learning more about what products I use and why then keep reading (!!!!) — If you haven’t already noticed that’s my excited punctuation.

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About a month ago I joined Curology. I decided recently to take the plunge on trying curology, as my regular cleanser and moisturizers just weren’t doing the trick anymore and they offer a free trial (the only cost is shipping). Since I often purchase some of my skin care products off of amazon, curology became an ad on my facebook.

If you’ve never heard of curology, it is an online service in which you’re assigned a professional medical provider who customizes a topical prescription lotion based off pictures of your skin and questionnaires. For 20 dollars a month you get the product every 2 months (or every month for $24) and the best part is you have access to contact your provider with any questions at any time. Your provider can adjust your formula or even send oral prescriptions over to your pharmacy if topical doesn’t work for you. There’s also an online community once you join where you can provide feedback and encouragement to other curology users, which I thought was sweet.

My provider informed me of the web site Cosdna. This site allows you to search any of the products you are currently using and if they contain irritating or acne causing ingredients. She advised me to rid of any products with a rating of two or higher in the irritating/acne causing columns. Most of my products we’re good to go but I did change my makeup remover.

As advised by my provider my daily skin care routine goes like this….


Cleanse with Murad acne clarifying cleanser. Pat face dry (wrinkle prevention). I’ve tried so many cleansers and although this one is on the pricier side,  it’s worth it for the way it makes your skin feel.

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Apply Neutrogena Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15. I use this in the am for the spf.

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Then you can spray the sh*t out of your cute little face with Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater. I use this in the morning, mid-day, and at night. Spray your face, body, hair. Spray your dog, spray your boyfriend, I don’t care, just buy this holy grail product and spray away. You can thank me later.

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Ok, onto the P.M.

I start by removing my makeup using Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. I apply this to a cotton pad and wipe away all my foundation. I remove my eye makeup with baby oil afterward and wipe it away with toilet paper. The reason this has to take place is because I cry too often to ever dare to wear non-waterproof makeup. (HA). I also have the wipes version of this product but I prefer the micellar water itself on a cotton pad. Then I wash with the same Murad cleanser & pat face dry.

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Ok- here comes the curology. I apply two pumps to my face and neck, then let it soak into my skin a bit. That’s all.

My formula consists of:

– azelaic acid 8% (antibacterial; reduces redness, dark spots/post-acne marks, and blocked pores)
– clindamycin 1% (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory)
– zinc pyrithione 0.25% (antimicrobial with dual action against bacteria and fungus)

You can start curology now with my invite link


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Both of the Neutrogena moisturizers I use contain hyaluronic acid which makes my skin feel dreamy. The one I use before bed is a gel-cream, which feels as if water and lotion had offspring. All I can say is this feels indescribably good to rub all over your clean face.

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A collection of skin goodness:

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Welllllll, that’s all for now. Although, I do have lots to share with you guys soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. xo



  1. I love the Mario Badescu spray, I have started carrying it in my purse for daily mist sessions! haha I think I’m going to have to check out the Neutrogena skin line – “if water and lotion had offspring.” is something I need in my life 🙂


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