How to stay organized (in all aspects of life)

Well, let’s start by me admitting I am a bit OCD. Yes, it’s true but that doesn’t mean organization skills aren’t achievable by everybody. Along with my anxiety comes my obsession with being prepared, on time and organized. My mind is all over the place and in order to achieve success in different areas of my life, getting/keeping my sh*t together (literally) is necessary.

To start, have a place for everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.

For example:

Keys, right near your door on a push pin. Make a habit of putting them there and they will always be right where you need them if you are ever in a rush. I keep all my necklaces on push pins behind my door so that they never tangle and aren’t always visible (although I personally think they look cute).


Next, clothes and shoes. Everything needs a home, you guys. It makes locating things you need so much easier. I have two shoe hangers, one column booties, the other sneakers, and sandals. The picture to the right is an example of a specific drawer, this one being my gym clothes drawer. From left to right I have sports bras, tees & tanks, and finally leggings.


Another really important aspect of organization, in my opinion, is preparation. ALWAYS be prepared. I mean really, it’ll save you so much time. That means having two laundry baskets to PRE-separate your clothes so they are ready to be thrown in immediately come laundry day.  Chose your least busy day of the week for laundry. It’ll go a lot smoother to just throw in, switch and fold. I do this every Sunday.

PRE pack your bags the night before, this means anything- lunches, gym bag, overnight bag. Lay out your outfit(!!!) This is huge for me when I have 8 am class. Anything you may need, just have it ready and you will be able to enjoy your morning much more. Drink your coffee in peace, spend an extra 10 min reading/browsing social media. It doesn’t matter what you do with your extra morning time bliss, it matters that you have it. Am I right? You tell me after trying these tips.

Lastly, keep your devices app madness in folders. Not only will you actually be able to see your background picture, but like I said earlier, everything will have a place. I also keep folders on my laptops home screen, it’s SO. MUCH. EASIER to locate things this way. For example, I have study guides, papers, movies, important documents, pictures each tucked away into their own folders with more specific folders within each.

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I’m telling you right now, BUY A PLANNER. Don’t tell me you’re not a planner person, you will be if you try. Buy one with decent sized columns or squares so you can write more than “pay car insurance”. Planners will help you stay on top of SO many aspects of your life, from bills to important dates (this will allow you to never miss someone you adore and love’s birthday). Don’t be that person to miss wishing a loved one a happy birthday because you’re unorganized. BE ORGANIZED. It’s easy and it’s rewarding. Life is a big, confusing, challenging mess, so challenge yourself to make life a little less chaotic with these tips.

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  1. I loved your story, I can’t believe how similar we are!! I have a key hook by my front door, I joke that I’m a dork because I like to write down so many things, like lists of things to do etc…I pack my gym bag and lay out my outfit the night before too!!! That’s prob why we have the same exact grades too!!! Xoxo -Nicklez

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