How to make any outfit work

This a beginners guide for all girls who buy a whole bunch of random clothes (like me) when shopping and just don’t know how to make them into outfits. What I have learned is that adding accessories is key. Adding a hat, jewelry, bold lip color and/or cute shoes can make you feel as if you’ve completed the perfect look. Besides, who doesn’t feel their best when they look their best? I personally love to look put together and feel happy to receive compliments from others or get asked by strangers where I get things I’m wearing. Here’s a post to share how I made this perfect spring outfit work for me(!!!)

Here’s side by side photos of the completed look. Every piece I put together in an outfit typically has a color scheme. I wear lots of neutral colors so it’s easy to mix and match things that I’ve owned for years or just recently purchased. The tee shirt is from h&m (I own like 15 different white tee’s lol). What I’m trying to say here is buy the white tee if it catches your eye, chances are it’s cheap and you can make them work with any outfit. Pants & heels are from target, which I typically avoid spending money at but hey we all know that is an impossible task upon arrival to the store. Yes, ladies, we all know target is a drug. —-We have all gone in for tampons and somehow come out with baby clothes, whilst not having a child & a bathing suit in march when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Anyways, the watch is from fossil and the bangles are a wad of old dirty Alex and ani bracelets (lol). The necklace and purse are from forever 21 (my other drug but we’ll get to that later). Lastly, the sunglasses are from urban outfitters, which were an accidental purchase thanks to me somehow forgetting to bring sunglasses on my recent trip to LA.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Here’s a few close-up shots to show y’all my little details. As you can faintly see thru the white tee is the most dreamy white lace bralette. I don’t know about you, but I gave up underwire bras the moment bralettes became available in almost every store. I am obsessed with bralettes, there are so many beautiful designs and colors. They’re also a lot cheaper than typical bras. I buy almost all of mine from forever 21, see I told you guys it’s my drug. I didn’t include a close up of my shoes because my toenails aren’t painted and for that, I apologize. (PLEASE PAINT YOUR TOES IN THE SUMMER, it’ll make you extra adorable).

And to close here’s a shameless selfie because when it’s sunny & 75 for the first time in what seems like years how can you not feel happy? I am the grinch in the winter and mostly live in gym clothes and oversized sweats, with the occasional cute outfit when I’m forced out of hibernation. Remind me to never stay in NY forever.

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  1. I always say I don’t belong in this state because I feel most happy, sexy and comfy in my spring/summer clothes!!! I feel gross and frumpy in the winter!


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